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Sex: is it a necessary part of having a healthy, happy life and relationship? That depends on who you ask.  

My opinion? ABSOLUTELY.  But before I tell you why…

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I could NEVER have sex again and be totally happy.”

Have you ever found sex to be a chore more than a form of enjoyment?

Are you a woman who SIGHS when you know sex is on the menu for the night and instantly think of how you can just get it over with (or get out of it altogether)?

If so, do you think it’s normal to have low libido or have a total lack of interest in sex? Or better yet, do you even care?

Before you answer those questions, know that I used to be just like you. In fact, so many women are. It’s unfortunately becoming so common for women to think it’s okay to have a non-existent or barely active sex life when in a committed relationship that I just had to start a dialogue about it.

Because unfortunately, I had to learn the importance of sex the hard way…

Without getting too personal, lets just say my marriage hit a massive speed bump this year and quite honestly, it almost didn’t survive. And at that point, I wasn’t even sure if I would survive it. But instead of letting everything crumble around me, I decided to put in the work that was needed to remedy the situation.

Part of this “work” involved me gaining an understanding of why sex is so important in the first place and how lack of sex negatively impacts relationships, health and happiness.

Throughout my journey, I’ve done A LOT of research and learned some brutally hard lessons. In fact, I have barely been able to keep up with everything I am learning. But thankfully, my marriage and sex life couldn’t be better now.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I hope that by sharing my experiences and resources, others who are dealing with the same issues will find relief. Take it from me, every aspect of life WILL improve by way of a fulfilling sex life.

I am not going to go into the science of why sex is important in this blog post; instead, I simply want to open your mind and share with you the resources that have helped me.

These resources are guaranteed to spice up your marriage, enhance your communication, and inject more fun into your life and relationship (you might find yourself having better sex now than you did 20 years ago…hot damn).

Also, because I want MORE of you to experience the massive transformation I have this year, I’m giving away two copies of the most helpful book I’ve read, Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski, to the first two people who send me an email with the subject “I want a better sex life.”

I can’t recommend this book enough. If you desire a better sex life or fear your relationship may be in jeopardy because your spouse always asks you why you aren’t interested in sex anymore, you MUST read this.

I can promise you this: it will blow your mind and change the way you feel about your sex life for good.  

Your husband will probably want to thank me too…wink, wink.

Even if you DON’T win the free book (which I hope you do), I encourage you to pick up a digital or hard copy on Amazon regardless.

But what about those women who have rockin’ sex lives already? (Get it girl…)

For those women who simply want to make sure their marriage is rock solid, I encourage you to read Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs.

Here’s a teaser: Did you know that men don’t want to be told you love them over and over…because they know you already love them. They want to know you respect them.  

Don’t believe me? Ask your husband this question “Is respect important to you?”  

Of course, let’s not forget about those women who have been physically or emotionally betrayed by their husbands, can’t fathom the thought of even being touched by their partner, and are struggling to find any sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

Is it better to live a life of anger and resentment, or, is it possible to move past the experience and actually enjoy a happier life and marriage than you had before the incident?

The book The State of Affairs by Esther Perel will shatter your excuses and help you move on with or without your partner in a way that is healthier for you both. In the book, she argues that while betrayal hurts, it can be healed, and that an affair can even be the doorway to a new marriage – with the same person.

Also, if you want to have some FUN and get to know your spouse on an even deeper level, I encourage you to take the Enneagram test. THIS has been a game changer for my relationship with my husband and for some of my family and friends as well. https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/

And lastly, do you have clients who are struggling with relationship issues? Remember that the stress that stems from relationship issues can have a harmful effect on one’s health. Simply sharing this blog and resources can change someone’s life.

Here’s to a happier (and merrier…wink, wink) holiday.


Remember, send me an email with the subject line “I want a better sex life.” The first two people to email me will win a copy of the book Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski.



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