Hey there. It’s Carmen. I want to talk to you for just a minute about maybe some doubts that are going through your mind about being a health coach, or maybe you are a health coach and you are starting to have doubts on whether or not this should be the profession for you.

One of the things that crosses health coaches’ minds so much is: if I can’t get myself healthy, how can I help others?

Another thing I hear a lot of is: what if if my spouse and my kid don’t want to listen to what I have to say about food and sleep and exercise and things like that, how can I help others?

I just want to take a minute to reassure you that you’re not alone.

Many health coaches feel this way. Many of us have gone through this with, not only our families, but also ourselves where it’s been difficult to make a life change. It’s been hard to make the shift away from something we know is not good for us. I want to just ask you to be gentle with yourself and be gentle with your family about making lifestyle and food changes in your own lives. I just want to remind you that just because things are not progressing at the rate that you think they should for yourself or your family doesn’t mean that all that knowledge in your mind is not going to help someone else.

While we are always a work in progress with our health, we need to remember that our family is in charge of their own decisions as well. When we are saying our whole entire family doesn’t eat paleo or they don’t like vegetables or whatever, how can I convince other people to do the same thing?

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You have to be more concerned about what you can do as a health coach and less concerned about what decisions other people make for themselves. You are only here to deliver information, resources, support, inspire them and empower them. You cannot make decisions for others.

Don’t keep your knowledge to yourself just because you think you have to be perfectly healthy or your family has to be following all these guidelines that you put in place for them because that’s not necessarily going to happen at the rate you think it should.

Just to tell you a little about my own family, I made the shift from eating gluten and soy and all of those foods into more of a primo-paleo lifestyle before my husband did. My son was a little bit slow to hop on the bus too.

What I did was I made sure everything in our house was healthy, whole food, organic, humanely raised, sustainable, those things. I let go of what I could not control outside of out home, outside of the meals that I prepared and sent to school for my son and so on.

They gradually came to see that the more they ate like we did at home, the better they felt and the more decisions they decided to make outside of the home that were parallel to what we did here at the house.

I do think it’s important to help children get educated about what’s in our food, make it fun for them, take them to the grocery store, let them choose something that has less ingredients, help them to learn to read labels and things like that and make it fun for them. It shouldn’t be a chore to have to eat healthy and learn how to be healthy.

Just as a reminder, what you have in your mind and the passion that you have in your heart to be a health coach has a purpose and that is to help others. Don’t judge yourself just because you’re not where you think you should be or your family isn’t where you think they should be.

They’re going to come along for the ride eventually, more than likely. If they’re not, then that’s something that you just have to learn to let go of. We are only in charge of ourselves. Don’t put high standards out there for your own self or your family and hold onto your coaching skills and not help anyone until you reach a specific goal that you think you should be at as a person or a family.

Just use your knowledge. Know that it’s there for a reason. Put that passion behind the knowledge and you’re gonna make a huge difference in the world.

When you make your own changes and if you happen to fall off some sort of routine that you think is best for you, don’t judge yourself too harshly. I always tell coaches to empty that backpack of guilt that they carry around on their back about the things that they should be doing.

See the decisions that you’ve made, don’t judge them, let them go and make better decisions next time. That’s all we can do as health coaches, as people. It’s all we can expect of our family and our clients as well. Have a happy Sunday.



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