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As health coaching becomes more mainstream and the public becomes more aware of what we as health coaches do, many of us are becoming increasingly afraid to practice in fear of keeping their businesses legally safe.

Since we are not nutritionists and we are not dieticians, we face certain restrictions. We have to be very careful about the language we use and the way we practice.

The good news is that understanding regulations and setting your business up for success from the start is really not that complicated.

The very first thing every new health coach should do is visit this website www.nutritionadvocacy.org to figure out what their state color is.

On the homepage, you’ll find a map of the United States. Each state is colored either green, yellow, orange, or red. The least restrictive states are colored green, and the most restrictive states are colored red. There is also a section within that site that talks about what the regulations are for each state.

And while you might be excited if you find out your state is green, my advice to you is always to set up your business as if you are in one of the most restricted states.


Because what happens if you’re in a green state and you move your business to a new, more-restricted state?

Or your state creates new laws that end up changing its color on the map?

Or you work with clients online who are in red states?

Any of these scenarios could happen at any time and you could find yourself having to change your business. Imagine what a hassle this would be.

In my opinion, it’s your best bet to practice as if you are in a red state from the start so that you can feel good knowing that you’re staying as low-risk as possible.

If you want to dive deeper, I offer a Safety in the Health Coaching Profession training program that walks you through safe language, scope of professional, regulations and so much more.

In this program, you’ll get access to training from top attorneys in the wellness profession as well as training on how to work with your clients, what words to use, how to replace language on your website with safer language, etc.

I love sharing these tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my eight years of health coaching and almost six years of mentoring health coaches and practitioners in the wellness space.

Now go check out the map and get your business started on the right foot!


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