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We know from experience in looking for support for our own business that getting automatic responses can get us a little flustered so we’re pretty sure you do as well. And if we lived a bit closer, we would totally have a sit-down chat over a cup of coffee, but since we aren’t (sad face) we are going to do our best to help you out here so you don’t have to wait.

Below is a list of FAQs that may just have what you are looking for. If not? We are totally here for YOU! You may scroll to the bottom of this page to send us an email, but please submit only ONE. You will receive an emailed response with a ticket number for tracking purposes. You will be able to correspond with our Support Team through that one ticket. Submitting more than one ticket will increase response time for you and others.

Please be patient…we promise to give you the same love we’re giving the person before you.

If your questions are about IFHC™ you can also schedule a 20-minute call to get your questions answered by an IFHC™ expert team member here.

And don’t worry about “wasting our time”. We are here to support your health coaching success!


Where can I learn more about IFHC™?

You can learn more about who we are and how we can serve you here.

Are there videos I can watch and groups I can join?

Are you a certified Health Coach? Or an aspiring Health Coach ready to kickstart your career? Join Health Coach Clarity – Back to Basics with Carmen Hunter Facebook group for a great community connection of health coaching support, peer conversation and resources.

We also have a YouTube Channel packed with invaluable information that will help you learn how to build a successful health coaching practice.

What is the tuition cost for IFHC™?

We have many options available to suit your health coaching needs so the best thing to do is book a call with us.  By doing so we can help you decide which option best fits your needs. You may also have super great questions we have answers to so BOOK A CALL with one of our IFHC™ Health Coach Advisors to talk about your career today. No obligation. No cost. And no, we won’t SPAM you with calls and emails after you do – that’s not our thing!

Other Resources

To get free health coaching guidance and training, visit our blog. You can also take our free health coach training here.

To listen to Carmen mentoring other health coaches, listen to The Successful Health Coach podcast.

If you registered for but missed an IFHC webinar, replays will be sent via email within 24-48 hours post event. Please make sure to check your SPAM folder and add us to your contacts so all future emails will be directed to your inbox.

Please visit our IFHC Refund Policy to be well informed before making a purchase with us.

IFHC™ Students and HCMM Members

There are so many valuable resources for our IFHC Students and HCMM Members that are available in the platforms and the Facebook groups. Please check there first so you don’t have to wait for our response via email. 

Technical issues:

Nearly all technical issues are resolved by clearing your history, cache and cookies, restarting your computer or device and initiating login again. IFHC™ provides resources that make managing your business easier, but does not manage the applications. Our team can assist with guidance at times, but if you need technical assistance with certain applications please reach out to the support team of that application for a more efficient resolution.


All events are free for IFHC Students and HCMM Members.


Event Replays:

Please remember that replays are ALWAYS sent via email and posted in the IFHC Student and HCMM platforms. We try our best to get them out within 48 hours after the event so be on the lookout!

Thank you!

The IFHC™ Team

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