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Today I want to talk to you about a gray area in the health coaching industry – labs.

We all realize that lab testing is an essential part of any client’s wellness plan and that lab results can help our clients get to the root of their issues.

But what’s not clear is how we, as health coaches, should handle them in our practice.

Are health coaches supposed to order labs?

Should health coaches be reading labs and then telling our clients what they mean?

The answer depends on who you ask.

While there are many schools and courses that teach health coaches how to do these things, my perspective on this vastly differs from the majority.

I believe that as health coaches, we should focus on 1) keeping our practice safe and 2) teaching our clients how to be more in charge of their health.

This means that rather than ordering labs for our clients, we should be teaching them where they can go to order their own labs.

This means that rather than reading their labs for them, we should be educating them on how to understand those labs on their own.

This means that rather than putting a plan together based on their labs, we should be able to recognize where we need to send them once those results come in.

Let me be very clear, in my opinion, this DOES NOT mean it’s within our scope of practice to order or interpret labs for clients (remember, we are not doctors).

Instead, we must integrate lab testing into our functional health coaching practice in a way that is low-risk, that keeps our practice safe, and that empowers our clients at the same time so they can be set up for success even when the journey with us ends.

The last thing I want is for you to put your practice, or your clients, at risk.

If you’d like more information about exactly how to integrate lab testing into your functional health coaching practice while staying within your scope of practice, you’ll want to check out the comprehensive Labs for Functional Health Coaches training I offer.

If you want to earn passive income for referring your health coaching clients to a very reputable lab testing company, I recommend registering to become an affiliate of YourLabWork.com.


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