“Do I need a certification to be a health coach?”

This question comes up all the time and causes a great deal of confusion!

Here’s the truth:

No, you don’t need a certification to be a health coach.

As of November 2018 which is the date this blog is being posted, there are no regulations that say you must have a certification to practice health coaching.

There are regulations that govern what we should and should not say and do as health coaches; but when it comes to having an actual certification, it is not mandatory.

So should you worry about getting certified?

In my opinion, yes, but only if you choose a school that teaches you:

  • About scope of practice and how to stay within your scope of practice
  • A low-risk yet effective approach that helps any client with any health condition reach their wellness goals
  • And how to actually build a health coaching business

If the education doesn’t focus on these three key areas, I’d look the other way.

Here’s something else I want you to realize.

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I’ve been coaching for almost nine years now and I’ve rarely had a client ask me about my certification!

Most of your potential clients won’t care about what certification you have; they only care that you can help them reach their goals.

If you can help your clients reach their wellness goals while staying within your scope of practice, you’ll be successful as a health coach.

Learn more about our certification program by visiting us here. If you have questions, leave us a message! We are always happy to have a conversation with you to help you make the best decision for yourself. No question goes unanswered!



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