IFHC Program Success Stories

Lauren Sambataro is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Advisor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Functional Exercise Coach. Lauren wholly believes in biochemical and chemical individuality, and the importance of making a life-long commitment to health and wellness. She encourages healthy lifestyle principles through high-quality nutrition, biological sleep patterning, stress reduction and optimal exercise selection designed for each unique body. Lauren takes a functional and holistic approach to building health from the ground up.
She is committed to educating clients on the process of healing and restoring balance to the body. Her Metabolic Typing-focused wellness program optimizes lifestyle and vitality through optimal food selection, macronutrient ratios for your specific metabolic type, effective Pre/Post-Workout nutrition choices and methodical food timing. As a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and CHEK Exercise Coach, Lauren has been working as a fitness professional since 2006. She specializes in corrective exercise through anatomical and functional assessments, primal movement patterns and scientific program design. Additional certifications include Neuromuscular Stretching, Corrective Exercise, Pre/PostNatalTraining, KettleBell Concepts® and Behavioral Change. Lauren is also a Broadway performer and can currently be seen in the musical Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre! She is constantly trying to upgrade her own health to maintain peak performance onstage and off, and is currently spending a lot of her time researching top recovery methods and efficient sleep for healing and vitality.

Cheryl Leigh is a certified health and wellness coach and personal trainer with 40 years of personal experience, as well as 10+ years hands-on in the health, wellness and functional fitness field.  Her solution-oriented approach to health and well-being helps clients examine things such as eating habits, lifestyle choices, and the impact that career, relationships, stress, physical activity and other life factors have on the whole person.  While practicing a holistic view as generally the best first approach, she in no way excludes pursuing more conventional methods if necessary and aims to help bridge the gap between the client, their goals and their health care provider, if appropriate, to achieve proper balance in all areas of their health and well-being.  When not working with clients, Cheryl enjoys practicing functional exercise, various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and walks with the dog, as well as cooking, music and hanging out with her two boys.  To learn more about or contact Cheryl, please visit her at www.ascendingwellth.com.

Hi! I am Diane Sanders, CFHC, founder and dream builder of A Path to Living. I created this space as a place for others to join me in becoming the greatest bombdiggity versions of themselves through Functional Health and Wellness Coaching.
What, pray tell is Functional Health and Wellness Health Coaching? I am SO glad you asked … first, please allow me to introduce myself and share how I decided to become a Functional Health and Wellness Coach…
All my life the human body, mind and spirit has fascinated me. I wanted to know how it functions and what makes it tick, or not for that matter. Being the curious sort, health and wellness were at the forefront of my life and I was constantly researching new products, diets, exercises and lifestyles. I was reading, questioning and assimilating everything I could get my hands on to help not only live a better, healthier version of myself (aka Become Bombdiggity!), but to be as Wholistically structured as possible (Whole + Holistically :D). Over years of trial, error and successes, I learned a thing or two and found I really thrive on sharing this information … I mean, if I can make one other person’s life awesome with some of the tips, tricks and lessons I have learned, well, then it’s a B-E-A-YOU-tiful day.
So, following the leading of my heart, and being supported by the most amazing husband, pack of dachshunds, fabulous friends and family members, I walked away from my 30-year career as a graphic designer and became a Certified Functional Health and Wellness Coach.
Now, back to your original question … a Functional Health and Wellness Coach is an individual who guides you down a path to achieving a healthier, happier life by seeking root causes of dis-ease and imbalances you may be experiencing.
By providing resources and encouragement, together we (you + me) work to bring clarity, compassion and balance to your life. Through education of how to achieve better eating habits, learning how to speak to your physician so they will hear you, resolve sleep problems, balance hormone and thyroid issues, increase positive re-creation time and resolve negative self-beliefs, we (you + me) will bring about long lasting, positive changes … I believe in you and I believe you can and will become the most Bombdiggity version of yourself!
Please take a moment and poke around my space and let me know when you are ready to begin … I am here and ready to rock! Have more questions? Want to say Hello? Please drop me a note to hello@apathtoliving.com and I will get back to you soon.
Be Happy. Be Blessed. Be Bombdiggity!

Kelly Schroede (Mishawaka, IN)

Hi! My name is Kelly Schroeder (Mishawaka, IN) and I just completed the IFHC program!I have been a nurse for 10 years, with the last 3 working as a health coach at a holistic medical practice specializing in women’s health. I am launching my business, Blossom Health Coach, next week and I am so pumped! My business focuses on guiding women to create lasting lifestyle changes to lose weight, enhance mood, and have soaring confidence. We work on mindset, vision crafting, and breaking goals down into actionable steps. I am looking forward to helping as many women as I can to live authentic, joy filled lives.


Thanks and I really enjoyed the program! Carmen, speaking to you on the phone the day I signed up back in March was MONUMENTAL for me. You were encouraging without being sales-y and that is what I needed because I was REALLY SCARED. Speaking to the founder of the program made me feel like a person and not just a number, so I knew it was right for me. Also, I loved how you addressed my questions in a the live call so quickly after I asked them on facebook. You guys have all been wonderful. Thank you!


Debbie Waidl


In the Balance Health Coaching

Using a functional health approach, Debbie changes lives by educating and empowering her clients to get to the root cause of their health issues while identifying and eliminating their symptoms in a stress-free way so they can feel great and live the life they desire.

Certified through the Institute for Functional Health Coaching and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Debbie is knowledgeable in holistic and functional health and wellness, has advanced holistic health research skills, trained in over 100 dietary theories, skilled in thyroid support, and fluent in teaching The 7 Essentials for Optimal Health.

Debbie is a Norwex consultant dedicated to educating people how to clean their homes in a safe and natural way without using chemicals.

Debbie is a Young Living Essential oil star member passionate about educating people on the use of essential oils, their benefits, and how oils can support a healthy lifestyle.

Debbie Waidl
Rochester, NY
In the Balance Health Coaching, LLC


Joan Ward


Joan Ward has studied health and wellness for 26 years. She has coached clients with needs ranging from hormone imbalances, those needing to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and those needing support during a serious diagnosis like cancer. Joan has a team which includes a psychologist, Splankna practitioner and a professional organizer. Joan compassionately empowers her clients by investigating to find root issues and giving them resources which allow them to make informed decisions regarding their wellness and quality of life.

Heather Sunderland


Hello, my name is Heather Sunderland. I am a wife, a mother, a friend and a health enthusiast. I love to walk, spend time with friends & family and spending time in nature fills my soul. I love people, am passionate about health & wellness and helping people.
I was a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetic Educator and Insulin Pump Trainer who had a private practice when my own personal journey with illness forced me home.

My journey to figure out the pieces of my “puzzle” gave me a desire to look at health in a bigger, more holistic way.
And it was this journey that led me to become a Certified Functional Health Coach. I wanted to look at ALL aspects of health (sleep, food, stress, trauma, spirituality, fun and movement).

I hope my journey can encourage you. My challenges are being used for good to help me come alongside you to help you reach your goals. If I can go from disabled to able-bodied, you too can improve your health. You will have the benefit of my knowledge and experiences.

There are so many tools out there to improve your health. I want to give you hope that you can improve your well-being by finding and addressing root causes and finding what works for you.

To learn more about how I can help you please check out my website:

Kinga Zerhouni


Kinga Zerhouni is a Certified Functional Health Coach, graduated from IFHC. She helps women struggling with fatigue, brain fog, and hormonal imbalances to reclaim their energy and optimal health through a whole food and lifestyle approach in a low stress way so the changes they make are sustainable for life.

Kinga started her coaching business after overcoming her own health struggles and realizing how a person’s lifestyle can tremendously impact his or her wellbeing. Therefore, she wants to inspire others to take charge of their health, find root causes of their symptoms and start living healthier lifestyle.

When she is not busy helping clients, she likes to spend time with her family, being outdoors and playing with her kids.
Currently, Kinga offers an individual and group coaching.

You can connect with her on:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kzoptimalhealth
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kinga-zerhouni/ 
Website – https://holistichealthlink.com/profile/kingazerhouni/

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