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Hello. Hello. Today I’m going to do the thing that I am not so great at, which is some math for you, but you know, these are the things that I am pretty decent at when it comes to running numbers and learning how to charge to make money at your health coaching business. How you can REALLY make money! So behind me, I have a dry erase board. I’m going to be pointing out some things that I think you’re going to see a little bit more clearly how to actually make money as a health coach. 

I recently held a webinar where I talked about this in more detail, which you can find HERE. In it, I went into a lot more detail about how this actually works, how you can make money as a health coach in a real way, not only with one on ones, but with groups, and classes, and courses.

I want to show you just exactly what I think health coaches are missing and not seeing here. So I’m going to start walking through this in just a moment and then I’m going to give you a call to action at the end of the video. So hang out for a moment. I want you to watch very closely and see how this works. And just get ready to kind of have your eyes open, you guys, I don’t think anybody’s really laying this out for you, how this really works.

So here we go. Okay, so we are going to run a group, a class or a course, which is what I recommend. Obviously one-on-ones can be really powerful, right? One-on-ones can give us the experience that we need to feel confident and all of that, but we shouldn’t be just doing one-on-ones for very long because that’s not where your real money is going to come in because there’s only so much time in a day. So, let’s say you have a group or a class, we’re gonna round it up to $100 per person just for the ease of math, right? Since I’m terrible at math, but I checked this twice and I know it’s right. At least I hope so. So we charge $100 per person. We have four people sign up for this class course or group that we’re teaching, right? When I teach a group or class or a course, it’s a template that I can rinse and repeat and use over and over again the next day or the next week or whatever.

I don’t recreate the group or class every day. So we run that group or that class with four people in the group. That’s $400. We’re working about an hour, give or take a few minutes at the end for questions and answers, right? Let’s say you run that class four times per week. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I believe that we should be taking Fridays off for personal things and catching up on things that we enjoy doing for our business. So let’s say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we run that class. They paid us $100 a piece, four people. Keep it small. You can make it big as you want, but I think this … it gives them more solid one-on-one attention. You’re got $400, you’re working one hour there, give or take a few minutes. You teach that class four classes per week. You’re booking different people every single time. Keep this in mind.

Okay? This is not the same four people. These are four different classes of people, so we’re looking at different people. That’s it. Just 16 people. That’s $1,600 a week with the same class, the same class. It’s a template. You just keep running it and teaching it. Right? Four weeks in a month, $6,400 per month. Are you guys tracking me here? So then we’re talking, so $1600 per week, four weeks in a month. $6,400 a month for working how many hours? One, two, three, four hours. Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room to get things set up and things like that. So let’s be generous with the time and say five hours. Five hours a week.

Five hours a week times four is 20 hours a month for $6,400 a month. Multiply that times 12 and you’ve got $76,000 a year. Okay? I want you guys to do a little bit more math in your mind without me doing it for you. But if you are only working 20 hours a month, most people are working 40 hours per week and they’re not even getting close to this. So 40 hours a week times four is a 160 hours in a month, you’re working 20 hours. Remember this, you guys, we’re talking about four classes per week, right? Working, adding in that extra hour to make sure that we have a buffer for that hour.

So we’re working five hours, five hours per week, you guys, times four, that’s 20 hours a month, 20 hours a month. That’s it. Now, if you really want to get up there and make money and really do this, you would teach this class not only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from like say 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning, but then you take a little bit of a break in there and you’d teach it again from 12:00 to 1:00 and then you teach it again from from 3:00 to 5:00 or 3:00 to 4:00, or whatever the timing is.

You can teach this class right here, this one group or class to different groups as many hours as you wanted to work in a week and still, and this number is just going to increase. So even if we just double this, stay with me here. Even if we just double this, we are looking at what is that 76,000 times that. We’re looking at three, one up there. $153,000, $153,600 a year. Okay. That’s only doing this two classes, two classes, which means we’re only working 40 hours in a month. Keep in mind people work 40 hours a week. This is easy stuff. This is easy. The hardest part about this experience right here is structuring it and marketing it. That’s it. You can easily get people into a group for $100 person, you can easily give customized … well I say customized, individualized attention, talking to them individually and helping them through their problems.

Easily with four people in a group. If you wanted to extend the time to an hour and a half, you can take this number and make it maybe $197 or $147 or something like that. So this is simple math. This is simple, simple math. Trust me because I have to ask my 14 year old to do math for me. This is easy. You fill a group, and here’s the other thing, you guys, if you wanted to teach a group that had more of a basic foundational teaching, so like you’re going to teach you about maybe the seven essentials. If you’re a student of mine, you’d know that that’s what I truly believe in. You pick one of those essentials or two for a month that you run a four week program with those essentials in it and you put a $497 price tag on it and you teach that twice a week.

There are so many stinking ways that health coaches can be making money. This is the easiest way.

This is the easiest way to make the most impact for the least amount of work after the initial setup of doing this that I have ever used in my own business. 

This is for action takers. I’m going to start talking more and more about how people need to be taking action and doing things like this instead of spending all of this time, one-on-ones, $75 per person. I talked to one person doing mentorship calls this past couple of, let’s see, I started them last Friday and I’ve had them pretty much all week and I’ve got one person, she’s making $3 an hour when it’s broken down. When you break down the amount of time that she’s spending on working on her classes and then working with her people, it’s three to five bucks an hour. That is absolutely ridiculous. 

So it’s one class. Okay. So it’s a templated class. So let me use, and I’m bending over here to my computer and my screen here don’t match, but so it’s one template. So I’m going use an example because I have templates in the school. So let’s use the sleep template for example. Let’s say we’re going to teach on sleep. So we teach The ABCs of how to get more Z’s, right? 60 minutes to 90 minutes, we go into detail about what it means to have insomnia, what it means to sleep better, all of that. The action steps are for them at the end of that class are to take action on cleaning up their sleep environment. Okay? You teach that class, say Monday from 9:00 until 10:15, I’m going to teach this class on sleep. I’m going to go take a break and then I’m going to bring it in for the next class.

And from 11:00 to 12:00, I’m going to teach that same class on sleep and then say from 3:00 until 4:30 or whatever your timing is, you guys, I’m just throwing numbers out. You teach that same class on sleep. Tuesday you come back, you teach that same class on sleep. Every group is different people. It is a template and this is one of the things I also think that coaches are missing. A template as something that you can use over, and over, and over again. So what you do is you fill each class and if you can’t get four people signed up with you as a health coach to come to something that adds value to their life, then we need to talk. We need to talk anyway. But the point is is that you’ve got to learn how to sell what you’re offering and sell yourself as the solution to people’s problems, right?

I know that I’m the solution to health coach’s problems.

If you don’t have a successful business right now, we haven’t talked about how I can help you.

Send me an email. CarmenHunterHealth@gmail.Com. one more time. CarmenHunterHealth@gmail.Com. I have been doing this over, and over, and over for years. For years. So if you are not comfortable and you don’t know how to get this tiny little number right, here are four people sign into a group or a class to learn from your genius, you need some serious coaching and some help because too many coaches out there, are not making money and too many coaches out there are afraid to ask for that money. You are selling yourself, okay? There is nothing wrong with that. If there is fear around marketing who you are and what you offer, we need to get to the bottom of that.

If you don’t know how to set up a group like this to run it and get it going to make money, you need to send me an email and let me show you how we can do this. There is no reason that we shouldn’t be reaching millions of people as health coaches right now. But the reasoning that I’m seeing that we are not is the fear, the low confidence, no system, not even really knowing how to market ourselves and to get out in this world and tell people who we are.

Easiest way to make a lot of money as a health coach, and this isn’t me going, “You can make six figures as a health coach. Give me 10 grand and I’ll show you how.” This is me with my shitty math skills showing you how simple this is. If you can see this, tell me that you can see how simple this is.

I can’t break it down any further.

So if you’re just getting on, groups in classes and courses, $100 per person, four people per group to keep it nice and intimate. $400 for an hour, give or take some time there, four classes per week. You’ll do $1,600 per week, four weeks in a month, right? $6,400 per month. Take it further as an annual income of $76,800 per year. Keeping in mind we’re only working about four to five hours a week. Double that, right? Double that. Work 10 hours a week, that’s still only 40 hours per month and double your income of $153,600 for 40 hours of work in a month. And repeating that over and over. You guys, how many people’s trudge to work and they work 40 hours a week and they’re bringing home a quarter of this. This is easy.

This is very simple. This is what I teach coaches to do. If you want to start making money and get the work done on the front end, let me show you how to get the work done on the front end. You have a template that you can rinse and repeat this over and over again, and if you want to work 40 hours a week teaching the same thing without having to get prepared, or start over, or babysit, and hand hold, and all of that. Think of all the testimonials and referrals that would come from this program to fill up your business. The more you teach this, the less money you spend on marketing, okay? So even if you laid down a bunch of money at the front end, put it on Facebook ads, wherever you’re going to advertise to start filling up these classes, right?

Say you decided to do this and you want to do it, you want to do four classes a week or something like that with different people. That’s 16 different people, different classes, right? You can place one big ad, start filling it up. You teach this thing the right way and you start making an impact and a difference, you’re going to stop spending money on Facebook ads. You’re going to stop that because these people are going to be your word of mouth and your testimonials. Not only that, but this group class or course that you teach right here to these four people can lead into another group class. Maybe it’s about instead, of about sleep, like the example I used a minute ago, maybe it’s about movement. Maybe it’s about stress perception. You then create another template that’s duplicatable and these people say, “I love that class on sleep so much. What else are you going to show me? What else can you teach me?”

Well, next week we’ve got this class starting. “I’m in.” So not only do you have a referral, but you have a repeat person coming back to learn more from you. This is not the same as signing up a lifetime client, keeping them safe because you want to keep money coming in. This is education that’s ongoing that people get to choose without a contract, without getting signed into some three month thing if they don’t want to do that. If they’re new to health coaching and they like the idea of having peer support, the structure of a group class and course, and I’m calling it all three of these things, it’s all the same thing, you guys, whatever you want to call it. Some people call it workshop. I hate the word workshop because that just to me, it makes me feel like I’m going to be working and I don’t want to have that negativity around it.

So I say teaching a class on sleep and I have four spots open. Early bird price is $97. after this particular time, this is how much it is. We lay it out and we teach. That’s it. You guys have the seven essentials. Create a group or class around those seven essentials. Do an entire month of it. Rinse and repeat. 

“Definitely seems simple. Is $100 asking too much for a one hour class?” Hell, no it’s not. No. In fact I’d charge more than that if I were teaching it now. I just don’t do those things anymore because I’m busy teaching coaches. But if I were going to do a one hour class and leave time at the end for Q&A, I’d probably put a higher price tag on it. I’ve got over a decade of experience doing this, so I probably wouldn’t run a class for that right now. But if you’re new and you’ve never done this before, it’s a great price. I actually put $100 on there, I put $97 on there. For some reason. That’s a number that people are attracted to, but absolutely it’s not.

But your responsibility as a coach here in this position is to provide the value that they’re showing up to get, to give them the education, the value, and the action steps to carry through with whatever topic it is and change their life.

But then share, spread the word, share it, get testimonials from these people.

And then, hey, if you want to sign up for my other class, which is going to be on stress perception and fun next week, I’ll give you 10% off. You get the early bird price just because you came to this class. “Hell yeah, I’m in.” All right. Bring a friend, bring a friend and I’ll give you a 30 minute consultation as a coach just to kind of help you see where you’re stuck. You know, there’s way, way too little of the selling going on with coaches when you guys are … we have to remember not to be afraid to sell ourselves because that’s what we’re doing.

What else are you selling? One of the reasons that people end up in multilevel marketing positions is because they don’t know how to sell themselves or they feel scared of it or it feels icky to them. Well, you know what? I’m here to tell you that’s the reality that we’re living in is everything is a sale and if you’re a health coach, then you are the product, right? This becomes the product. You don’t have to sell yourself as much. You can sell what they’re going to learn from this. You’re going to sell the outcome of better sleep. I don’t know. Better relationships, better family dynamics because everyone’s not dealing with stress the way they used to. whatever the topic may be, okay? So we’ve got to get off of this idea that selling or whatever is a bad thing.

Okay. I have three mentorship positions open that I am teaching people how to quickly get into a position where they can bring in income like this. So if you are interested in hearing more about how to do this and working with me, CarmenHunterHealth@gmail.Com. I’m not working with people who weren’t ready to move forward.

If you don’t take action on something in your business today, you’re not moving forward.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve created a beautiful blog, your content is great. It’s there to get people to know, like, and trust you. But are you comfortable creating this and then asking for the money that’s going to put this income in your pocket and help people at the same time? If you are not comfortable with that and you’re okay, do you want to live doing one-on-ones for $125 a month holding their hands and knowing that there’s only so much time, you guys, in that time frame and making a minimal amount and that’s all you need. That’s great. There’s nothing wrong with that. I did that for the first probably couple of years of my health coaching business. I didn’t have to make the money. I wanted to learn the business and then when I started to have to make the money, I started dropping the money into invest in it to figure it out, and I tell the story all the time how I paid $6,200 for a launch coach.

I didn’t have the money. I just paid it because I knew, I’m going to do something with this. I’m going to make this money back. I’m going to see this happen, and I did. So stopping and onto everything so tightly as if money is the thing that’s going to save your life. This is the stuff that’s going to save your life when it comes to your relationships, your income, to get you out of that dead end job that you’re in, to give you more quality time with your family.

This is four days a week I’m talking. So that means you get Friday, Saturday, Sunday off every single week. You make this work, your new life is a three day weekend and you know what else? You get to set the dates and you get to set the times you get to set, what days do you teach this class, right? When do you teach this? How many times do you teach it? Where do you want to market it? That’s really easy. Marketing is easy. After you’ve got your program done, the marketing part is easy, alright? 

So send me an email, CarmenHunterHealth@gmail.Com and let me know you’re ready to go. And let’s get on the phone. I will tell you what’s involved. I will tell you what to expect. Let us have a conversation. And if you are just brand new, starting out as a coach and you aren’t even ready to go into this yet, then I want you to book a call with our team.

You’re going to get a blueprint for your coaching business and you’re not going to learn from anybody better than you’re going to learn from me. And I’m not being egotistical or big headed. I’ve just been through all the crap that health coaches have been through. I have created a business from the ground up. I know what works and what doesn’t and I see blind spots really well. So there’s your options for today. Do either one of those and think about this. Think about this. You guys, don’t you want to be making decent money? Come on. We want to make good money. I want to make good money so that I can donate to the charities that I believe in, so I can support my child, so I can have a happy and fruitful life and that I can feel good about the world that I’m living in.

All right, guys. Thanks for listening. Have a great day. And think about this, go back and listen again to see how simple this really is, all right? See you later.

Again, please take a peek at the webinar I held on this topic in more detail, which you can find HERE.

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