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The topic today is labs: How do we use labs with our clients when we’re not allowed to say specific things, we’re not doctors, there are areas that we need to really stay away from to stay within our scope of profession and stay within our lane.

However, there’s the other side of labs as well, and how important they can be to helping our clients reach optimal health.

So, one of my beliefs really, truly is that labs are important because they can show us the black and white, the what’s really going on in the blood.

There’s no way to lie about what you see on a lab test. And many times, this is what it takes for clients to really be moved into the direction of taking action to make changes.

For example, many times, we have those people that the minute that they see a high marker on their labs for, say, HbA1c, they think, “Oh, my gosh, I’m headed for diabetes. I need to do something.” Maybe their symptoms alone weren’t enough to help them make changes prior to seeing that black and white number on paper that their doctor gave to them.

How do coaches fit into all of this? No, we should not be ordering labs, prescribing things, diagnosing people with anything, but there is an area for us with this. There is a place for us to be able to use labs successfully with our clients, and that is through using a direct access lab company.

I have collaborated and partnered with YourLabwork.com and Dr. Alan for over a year now.

One of the reasons why I continually recommend them, and I stay affiliated with them, and I promote them and believe in them, is because they’re doing this in a safe way that creates a low risk method of approach for health coaches to use this with their clients. No one’s doing it this way.

Let me tell you a little bit about how it works. A health coach will sign up with YourLabwork.com, and I encourage you to use my affiliate link because you get a bigger discount when you sign up through me. You sign up with them and you become an affiliate.

You then use the website URL that they give to you, and you share that with your clients. You can also share this with your friends and family as well. Those people that want to get those labs done, those clients, go directly to that website address and order their own labs.

So, the health coach isn’t even in the middle of the ordering process. You’re sharing the information, the client then orders the labs that they need to get done to check whatever they’re looking for, whether it’s cholesterol or thyroid or hormones or nutrients, any of those things, they offer so much. (You have to go out and take a look and see what they’re offering to even get the full scope of it.)

They then order the test that they want, they get the orders directly emailed to them, they take those orders, they go to the lab, they get their blood drawn, and the results come directly to them.

So, the health coach isn’t involved with any of those pieces, which leaves us outside of that area. All we’re doing is giving them that avenue, that resource to go out and order the labs that they need.

It gets us out of the risk position, it creates that high value of more high mileage value that we’re offering to our clients, because we’re showing them we think it’s important that you have these checkups for taking a look at what could be going on or what could be coming down the pipeline with your genetics and things like that.

Now, what do you with it, once they get the labs, and they say to you, “I don’t know. These markers came back high. I don’t know what to do here.” You also get all kinds of education, helpful information to help understand what’s going on with those labs, and then you walk through them with that client, literally looking at them, as the client is looking at them, and you’re just talking through the labs and you’re making suggestions for them to take to their practitioner to take things further if there are things that they are concerned about.

But, what you can do as a health coach is to look at the things that they’re eating, how they’re moving their body, all of the seven essentials that we believe every human being needs to be working on to have optimal health.

You can help share information on those things as well.

So, health coaches do belong being educated about how to use labs with their clients, but we need to make sure that we stay in our lane, that we stay within our scope of profession, and we do this in a safe and reliable way. YourLabwork.com, it’s the way to go. I firmly believe in them and everything that they’re doing. They have the same idea as I do about how health coaches fit into that relationship with the doctor and the client, and they know that health coaches have so much value to add.

Before you get too afraid of using labs in your practice, or you say it’s not a place for you, you don’t want to do it, or that you want to go take an extensive course that can take months and months and thousands of dollars to learn about labs, I want you to go to YourLabwork.com and take a look, and see what they have to offer.

But, before you sign up with them, I want you to come to me, because you get a bigger discount on the things that you order for yourself, and you get a bigger payout when you sign up through me.

Make sure that you reach out to us, because we want to hear from you, and also visit the instituteforfunctionalhealthcoaching.com for more information about how to become a functional health coach, and learn more stuff just like this to add more value to your health coaching practice.


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