Latest Past Events

Whole Body Care Through Oral Hygiene with Dr. Al Danenberg

Dr. Al Danenberg and Carmen discuss all things dental and how to take better care of your whole body through your oral hygiene. Dental plaque is HEALTHY – until it’s not! Tooth decay and gum disease start in the gut! An unhealthy gut leads to a compromised immune system and chronic system inflammation Chronic systemic […]


Boosting and Protecting Your Child’s Immune System in School

The child’s immune system, proper diet, probiotics – good nutrition and how to support a healthy, modulated immune system. We will also discuss family support/de-stress zones – create times/areas of de-stress activities. Awareness by parents/responsible parties of child’s mental health status – “checking in” on kid’s mental state – anxiety/depression can look different in children […]


Boundaries with Kaka Ray

Boundaries-what they are, why we need them and how to put them into place for healthier relationships with yourself and others and what can happen if you don't have them. Most people today are walking around with leaky boundaries....areas they are letting others into their business or getting into others business. This is NOT healthy […]


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