Are you overwhelmed and not sure how to prioritize what’s most important in your health coaching business?

You’re not alone!

As health coaches, we have to be business owners first and as business owners, our plates always seem full.

However, once you can figure out how to efficiently prioritize your time

without sacrificing your sanity or schedule, your business will gain serious momentum.

But how do you do it?

Here’s what I recommend:

First, schedule self-care and family time into EACH day.

Yes, you read that right! You’ll do your business a favor in the long run if you commit time to your family and time to self-care each and every day!

As far as self-care, maybe that’s going to Crossfit, getting a massage or doing whatever else makes you feel good. I recommend scheduling that into your day and the earlier, the better!

Next, family time. For me, this means stopping work at a certain time to pick up my kiddo from school and then spending the evening with him. This is a non-negotiable for me.

Figure out what time you need to stop work to spend quality time with your family and stick to it.

Next, always write your to-do list for the next day in the evening before bed! If you wait until the morning, you’ll probably never get to it because you’ll get bombarded with other tasks.

Take a pen and paper schedule 30-60 minutes for your self-care. Next, write down any meetings and important deadlines. These are non-negotiables.

Do you need to review an item from a team member? Review a client’s intake form prior to your session the next day?

If an item has an urgent deadline on it and/or someone on your team needs you to do something before they can finish their task, put those tasks down first.

If you think of something you need to do but there is no deadline on it, write it down but don’t prioritize it yet. These are things you can get to if you finish the top items on your list.

When morning comes, focus on knocking out your urgent items first and partaking in self-care. Then, once your urgent items are finished, you can then devote time to tasks that have less priority.

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Also, I always like to devote some time each day to doing something I really enjoy in my business. For me, that’s getting on Canva and playing around, posting on Instagram or recording videos.

Devoting at least some time (15-30 minutes) to doing things I really enjoy helps me break up my day and feel energized.

Lastly, if you have unfinished items at the end of the day, add them to your to-do list for the next day.

Pretty soon, if you block out your day, prioritize urgent items, focus on self-care and realize that not everything in your business is urgent, you’ll start to feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your business and life.

And one final note: I can’t stress the importance of working your schedule around your family and self-care.

Please don’t fall into the trap of always working, always stressing and always building your business. If you fall into this trap, you’ll burn out quickly.

You’ll do your business a favor in the long run if you commit time to your family and time to self-care each and every day!


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