Creating a Successful Health Coach Business is what I work so hard on helping my students achieve. It is my passion and I see first-hand how many times coaches have all of the knowledge in the world, but somehow seem to get in their own way. That’s why I’m laying these 4 steps out for you with a no-nonsense simplicity that will help you walk through the chaos you may be feeling when building your business.

Creating a Successful Health Coach Business
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4 Steps to a Successful Health Coach Business Today

How often do you find yourself leaning towards the health coach that you follow online, who seems to be so incredibly successful? But in the meantime, are you leaning away from your true passion that called you to be a health coach to begin with?

Or are you seeing different trends emerge that you don’t necessarily agree with, but seem to be front-and-center everywhere you go? Your clients aren’t looking for the latest trend. Remember that! They are looking for tested and true, sustainable ways that you lead them to better health, and therefore, a better way of life. They want what you are giving, so stop following the trends that won’t be around soon enough.

The third step to being a successful health coach is to not overwhelm your clients. Chances are, they came to you in the first place because something in their life has overwhelmed them and set them back in their life. Therefore, it’s imperative that you work on coaching them with small, manageable items that they are going to be able to follow without a lot of added stress. Clients that are too overwhelmed and stressed won’t last long and will probably quit, which isn’t how you can increase business down the road with their referrals.

Finally, make sure you’re following your passion, rather than narrowing yourself into a specific niche. If you narrow down your focus too much, it can result in fewer clients being available for you, which could harm your business before you are even off the ground. Set yourself up for success and make sure you have the potential to help everyone who may need it! I can’t wait to share more about niche items coming up soon.

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In addition, I’ve recently emailed out two great videos I’ve done on my Facebook Business Page. If you’ve missed them, I highly suggest taking a look:

If you consistently stay up-to-date on my Facebook Lives, you’ll see my main focus is to help make you the best coach you can be, as well as to help you create a successful health coach business. My goal is to give you everything you need to succeed, while leaving out everything you don’t. Take a look at our FAQ’s page for more information about The Institute for Functional Health Coaching!

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