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Tips for Working from Home

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about what it means to work from home and how to stop the distractions that can often happen when you're working from a home office, and you're not out in the real world in a brick and mortar. So I've been working from a home...

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How to Use Labs with Your Clients

  The topic today is labs: How do we use labs with our clients when we're not allowed to say specific things, we're not doctors, there are areas that we need to really stay away from to stay within our scope of profession and stay within our lane. However,...

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How to Stop Chasing Perfection

Are you a health coach that thinks you have to “look” like a health coach or be in perfect health in order to help others? Are you maybe pushing clients away by trying to be perfect? I made just about every single mistake that health coaches are making today. And one...

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