Are you the “I have to” health coach or are you the “I get to” health coach?

Today let’s talk about how the inner dialogue that we have going on is something that could actually sabotage our business or help us to be more successful.

Many times in my life, I have had to make some serious adjustments in my personal life to be able to be successful in my business. One of those things was my mindset.

Starting the day off getting out of bed and thinking things like “Oh, today I have to go down to the county offices and get my licenses setup” or “today I have to cook for six hours.”

I have been that person who, before my feet hit the floor, had a negative dialogue going on in my mind. I’m not perfect. I still have those days where it can be a little bit of a struggle to start the day off with thoughts that actually propel me forward, instead of trying to push me back onto the bed.

So, how does this method of changing the way that we think and the way we start our day, the way that we talk to ourselves throughout the day in our personal lives affect our business life?

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We can get in the habit of and be on autopilot for how our mind starts. They call it monkey mind when your mind gets going, and it just can’t stop.

One of the things that has been most helpful for me to do to stop the negative feedback or the negative loop, is to the minute it comes into my mind, I stop and say, “Okay, let’s get present. I get to do this.”

So let’s use an example. If you have a list of things you have to do to set your business up right, and you’re not looking forward to running around to getting your licenses done and finding an accountant and all of those things. And you’ve already started out by saying, “Today I have to go down to the offices downtown, it means I have to find a parking place I have to make an appointment with these people,” whatever that is.

You can stop yourself in that moment and say, “Today, I get to do the next steps in my business that are going to help me be legal and help me to get successful and get me to the, the part of my business that I’ve been most excited about and that is helping people.” So many times health coaches, and very often the ones I mentor and work with, we have this great passion and we’re like, “I get to help people change their lives. I get to help people think about food differently. I get to help them uncover the reason that they’re sick or they’re ill.”

But then we top it off with the “I have to but I have to write this blog first I have to write this business plan first I have to do my taxes first.”

It’s almost like we’re squashing the joy and the passionate piece of our business that we love with the I have to’s, so I want to encourage you to try and do a little bit of a shift in your thinking.

How can we think about everything we do being a blessing to get us closer to where we want to be? So for me I say, “I get to today”  instead of “I have to.”

If you’re someone that has overcome this type of mindset issue, I’d love to hear how you did it, put it in the comments below. You can help other coaches by doing so.

And if you’re someone that’s struggling with this mindset issue, post in the comments below, what’s your most, your biggest struggle? What are you dealing with right now?

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