I am here to dispel some serious health coaching myths today. Hopefully this is going to end some analysis paralysis for some of you and maybe even nudge you closer to building that successful practice that you’ve been dreaming of.

Think about whether any of these things are pain points for you as I walk through the top five myths in health coaching.

The first health coaching myth is that you must have a niche to be able to help people.

I absolutely don’t believe this and prove this to be not true in my own business as I built a wait-list practice in the last eight years without a niche.

A niche can be very helpful, and you may even uncover that as you start to coach, but I really want to encourage you to look at every person with a heartbeat as a potential client.

The second myth is that you must be in perfect health to help other people.

This is not true. I want you to honor your journey and the road you’ve been down, as far as your own health is concerned, and start sharing your story. You’ll become a magnet for people that are looking for someone that they can relate to with their own personal health crisis or problems.

The third thing is that you need to learn everything you can about health and wellness.

Health and wellness is not static and things change all the time. All this knowledge about the gut microbiome and depression and thyroid and all those things are going to be there after you build your business, so shift your attention away from learning everything you can about health, and start learning more about how to build a business.

Myth number four is that you should do a health intake or a health history as a free session.

This can increase liability for your business, and it can also set you up for not setting up that client as a real client, as they may pull information out of you during that session.

I encourage a 15 to 20-minute free consultation where you just practice that active listening, hear their story, and then send them the information to sign up with you as a client.

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The fifth myth is that you must have multiple letters behind your name to be credible or to be seen as credible.

I’m going to tell you this out of experience. I’ve probably had five people in my eight years of health coaching ask me what the letters behind my name even meant and then basically shrugged their shoulders.

They just wanted to know that I could help them. That’s what people want from you. They want to know that you can help them. Don’t worry so much about the letters behind your name.

If you want to know more about how we can help you overcome your health coaching obstacles, visit us at instituteforfunctionalhealthcoaching.com. There’s tons of information out there, trainings and templates, and great information about our program.

You can also learn more about our curriculum here or book a call to speak with our team about your health coaching career here.



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